My name's Jibron.
I go to Binghamton University.
I'm originally from Teaneck.

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when u go out to eat with ur friends and have no money


this was almost me yesterday lol

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White ppl's inability to read Black people's nonverbal cues shows their lack of interpersonal skills.




Cause Black people can damn well read theirs.


Scientific fact, actually. Researchers at the University of Toronto Scarbrough found that White people’s neuron system fired less when viewing people of color performing…



There’s nothing more I hate than being called an Oreo or that I “talk white” because I’m educated. Just because I don’t fit the stereotype of your average “nigga” doesn’t mean I gotta be acting white or some shit. I can’t stand people especially ignorant black people who refuse to move up in society and get educated and stop conforming to what society views them as.

I know its frustrating man, but you know who you are and what we have to deal with being black men, but just educate and keep it movin, don’t feel bad for making them feel awkward about their racism.

Hughes: Being a state alchemist at that age…they’ll see hell, Mustang.

Mustang: If it’s hell you’re worried about…hell is nothing new to them.

I know my brother would give anything for me, anything.